Hansen Salim

Lead Software Engineer · (44) 75806 41491 · hello@hansensalim.com

Passionate software engineer specializing in back-end web development. Bringing in over 11 years of experience developing solutions for SMEs and always eager to advance my knowledge with the latest technologies.


Lead Software Engineer

Epicat LTD, Newcastle upon Tyne

As the lead engineer, my main responsibility is to ensure that all technical goals of our client project is being met. Some of the recent project in manage includes:

Harmonic - www.thinkharmonic.com
We design and develop the IoT powered dashboard that allows building owner to monitor and control smart buildings in real time – IoT, Laravel, React Native, Livewire.

OnBuy - www.onbuy.com
We scale the application to meet growth demand including code refactor, database migration and unit testing – Ecommerce, PHP, NoSql, TDD

Xero - www.xero.com
We implement the back-end application that enable payroll payment from Xero to client bank account via UK Faster Payment system – Fintech, Laravel, TDD

Nov 2019 - Present

Lead Web Developer

Code-Operative, Newcastle upon Tyne

I am responsible for leading a small team to develop an online mapping tool LandExplorer . My main contribution includes captaining an Agile team, enabling dataset integration with UK council (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea), and API integration with HM Land Registry.

Jan 2017 - Mar 2019

Head of IT operations

PT. Indonufood, Jakarta

Responsible for directing the IT operations of a growing medium size wholesale company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Highlight achievement in the company includes: upgrading company IT infrastructure towards cloud facilities, upgrading legacy systems (ERP & CRM), and developing a PHP based E-commerce platform starting from team recruitment to project completion.

Feb 2014 - Dec 2016

Senior Full Stack Developer

Dilenium, Newcastle upon Tyne

As a senior full stack developer, my main responsibility is hand on work on web development from start to completion. Our clients are SMEs from a wide range of sector such as retail, online business, non-profit, and we deliver a wide range of web solutions including but not limited to e-commerce, CMS, ERP, and CRM.

Jan 2012 - Apr 2014


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Core: PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, CSS
  • Framework: Laravel, React, Vue, Alpine.js, Livewire

  • Methodology: Docker, CI/CD, TDD, RESTful API, OpenAPI, Git, Agile (Scrum)
  • Learning: Microservices, Serverless architecture, Machine learning
  • Side experience: WordPress, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Java, C#, Python, C++

I specialise in creating robust and scalable, API intensive backend laravel application. I put emphasis on strong unit test and formal documentation such as OpenAPI Specification to produce highly maintainable system. All my projects are version controlled via GIT and connection to CI/CD pipeline to enable seamless development.

Recent Projects

Print Trail

Role: Lead Developer

Responsible for the design and development of the IoT API, web dashboard, database design, and mobile app.

IoT, Microservices, RESTful API, mobile app, Azure

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Land Explorer

Role: Senior PHP Developer

Responsible for application modernisation including database migration, code-refactor, unit test, and caching strategy.

E-commerce, NoSQL, Monolith, Unit Test.

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Cars Affair

Role: Senior Laravel Developer

Responsible for implementing the payroll functionality to make payments to the UK faster payment system.

Microservice, FinTech, Unit Test, Laravel

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Print Trail
Print Trail

Role: Senior Laravel Developer

Responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of PrintTrail's core back-end logic and its API.

Microservices, Single Sign-On (Keycloak), RESTful API, OpenAPI, TDD, package development

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Land Explorer
Land Explorer

Role: Scrum Master, Senior back-end Developer

Responsible for constructing back-end system (not the wordpress site!) to serve the map application.

Microservices, RESTful API, GeoJSON.

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Cars Affair
Cars Affair

Role: Senior Full stack developer

Responsible for designing overall back-end system that includes internal B2B car auction system and integration with Singapore's National Digital Identity system.

Internal portal, OAuth 2.0, bespoke CMS

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Newcastle University

Computer Science, PhD
Towards Model-Based Systems Engineering for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems [download]

Publications: [1], [2]

Nov 2022

Newcastle University

Bachelor of Computer Science

1st Class

May 2014


Apart from being a web developer, I enjoy developing my spiritual journey in Christianity. I'm a strong believer in a purpose driven life and always seek to help other discovering their own life purpose and living their best.

When I'm not being my most productive self, I spend a large amount of my free time playing games with my friends, reading books and being part of entrepreneurship projects.